Sunday, 10 February 2008

Something's up

Spring seems to have come early and so rumours gather pace of an imminent accouncement from the bridge of the ING Titanic about a change of deck chairs.
The crew of SS Meridian have already been invited to take part in 'workshops' about the future shape of the new one service structure, with the rider that :

"These groups will not form part of any formal process of consultation about the published 5-year-plan news proposals. Nor will they replace the discussions that will no doubt follow in due course with union representatives and communication groups - but they will provide an opportunity for you to influence ITV news thinking at an early stage on some of the big issues which need to be considered."

There's also a strong rumour about a meeting this week which might see some senior skippers waved off into the distance clutching cheques.

Interesting times

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