Thursday, 13 December 2007

keeping an eye on things

In a valiant effort to kill yet more trees or punch a whole in the ozone layer, Ofcom put out another plethora of documents today. Amongst others, they have announced plans for a series of roadshows next year as they take their annual plan for 2008/9 on tour. This will provide opportunities for interested parties to let them know what we think of the threatened retreat from news provision on ITV. I got this from OfcomWatch - a blog which says what it does on the tin. Its author(s) tend to promote a free-market approach to regulation, but their are some interesting posts along the way.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

border leads the way

MP's, staff and the County Council at Border have created an unlikely coalition who will meet with Ofcom in the new year. In order to achieve a re-think, strong action will be necessary. It's not just Border, lots of regions have gathered real support. We will be co-ordinating lobbying activities in the new year in order to bring about the pressure needed to amend these damaging proposals.