Saturday, 29 March 2008

Putting the pressure on

NUJ NEC broadcasting rep David Beake wrote to all MP's in the Anglia region seeking support for the campaign. Following our successful lobby of parliament the other day the MP for Colchester, Bob Russell has tabled an early day motion regarding the situation at Anglia (EDM 1255).
That this House pays tribute to the award-winning Anglia Television which from its inception as an independent television company produced programmes of national and international acclaim; notes that in recent years the quantity of programmes produced by Anglia TV has been severely curtailed under the national direction of ITV which has to all intents and purposes reduced regional identity to little more than regional news coverage, sport and current affairs totalling only a few hours a week; is appalled that even this level of regional programming faces further reduction by the abolition of the separate east and west editions of Anglia News which will cut by half the amount of regional news broadcast; and calls on the Government to insist that ITV does not further reduce distinctive regional television coverage in the East of England.
Nice one Bob.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

ITV versus Ofcom

In the run up to the Public Service Broadcasting review ITV and Ofcom have fallen out. Ofcom defies Ofcom over children's output (Digital Spy) and they have also failed to follow Ofcom instructions over ITV Network arrangements. This doesn't look like the actions of someone wanting to win friends - one wonders what the relatively new Director of Group Corporate Affairs, Mark Gallagher thinks.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

ITV's own research goes against them

Interesting presentation at ITV Meridian's "awayday" for staff from audience research supremo Terry Watkins. In a very watchable presentation he said viewers want stories which are relevant to them and which affect them. He also said the split news services were working and delivering a product which viewers recognised and valued.
As some said : "We know this. Shouldn't Michael Grade have been listening to this?"