Thursday, 24 January 2008

Farewell Purnell

To Manchester for a meeting of all the ITV union reps from across the regions. We hear more tales of daring do from Border television's Save ITV News campaign. A council vote on holding a referendum on preserving local news was within a whisker of being won - it was lost because of political fears that the popularity of the cause would up turnout at the next local election, with unwanted consequences for the minority administration. There's now talk of hiring a bus to drive down to London and deliver to Ofcom the thousands of postcards returned by viewers in support of keeping Border alive. We're told the active campaigns at Border and at Westcountry are thorns in the company's side... heartening stuff.
As we are heading home we hear of Peter Hain's resignation and his replacement by Culture secretary James Purnell... Purnell's successor is named as Andy Burnham - what consequences will this shift at the top have for the campaign and the government's unfolding review of public service broadcasting?

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