Wednesday, 28 November 2007

self-fulfilling prophesy

So Grade says public dissatisfaction with ITV local news is 'inevitable'. The future is ulrta-local with rich content provided by specialists in the field. It doesn't matter that there will be no newsrooms within the locality. Viewers are flocking to where professional content is waiting for them to enjoy. This is pure fantasy and reminds one of the ITV On Digital fiasco. As a statement of ITV's ambition, it will impress no-one. The ITV online strategy leaves much to be desired. In economic terms, the city have been promised a ten-fold increase in revenues how? no answer. When many companies, MSM or not, are struggling to make money out of the web, ITV's record is poor, friends re-united anyone? What about this rich content? Well at the moment ITV local has good material, how do we know this? Because it is made by the people that ITV wants to sack. ITN have secured the ITV contact - though after a year the contract is still unsigned. Could it be because ITN were promised access to all of ITV's local newsgathering operation, if that is cut in half how can ITN expect to cover the Nations,? They certainly don't have the resources to do it without ITV. Some more positive news sees an alliance between the three main PSB's to provide content on the web. The story taught me a new word: 'Frenemy'.

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